Graveyard Loop

Length: 3.7km Elevation Gain: 94m

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Length: 3.7km  Elevation Gain: 94m
Rating: Easy
Starting point: Just off of Scenic Drive S and 16 Avenue S

Wildflowers are visible in spring and this trail offers beautiful views of the coulees all year round. Many more trails are also accessed here, so it is easy to extend the route or enjoy a new path every time. It starts by skirting the cemetery, and also runs alongside the Lethbridge Country Club situated in the coulee. The trail is thin and steep in parts, so be sure to wear good shoes.

Historical info

Mountain View Cemetery started in 1901 as the St. Augustine’s Anglican Cemetery. A public cemetery and Jewish cemetery were soon constructed nearby and, in time, all of these cemeteries were consolidated into one large cemetery called Mountain View Cemetery. 
The Country Club started in 1913 and moved to this location in the 1920s. 

The coulee that runs down from Mountain View Cemetery to the Country Club was known as Slaughterhouse Coulee starting around 1905. In the 1920s, it became best known as Cemetery Coulee. It is now the location of the road past Mountain View Cemetery down into the Country Club. 

Thanks to Curtis Goodman of the Helen Schuler Nature Centre and Belinda Crowson of the Lethbridge Historical Society for contributing to the above information.

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