Helen Schuler Nature Center Bull Trail

Length: 8.7km Elevation Gain: 201m

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Rating: Moderate

Starting point: Parking lot east on University Drive, near Whoop-Up Drive

This trail incorporates some of the Bull Trail Park North path, but also includes a walk across Whoop-Up bridge (offering some fantastic views, albeit without accessibility for some people) and a chance to enjoy the bottom of the coulee on the east side of the river as you trek past historic Fort Whoop-Up and the lovely Helen Schuler Nature Center. Want more elevation? You can add more stairs to your walk as offshoots from the trail will take you to different viewpoints.

It is important, as you walk through the Elizabeth Hall Wetlands, to note that this is a sensitive wetland park and you must remain on the designated trail. If your dog is with you or you are on a bike, please use the by-pass trail through this area.

Also be sure to stop and watch the Western Painted Turtles! Resident wildlife include muskrat, beaver and a wide variety of birds.

Historical info

Thanks to Curtis Goodman of the Helen Schuler Nature Centre and Belinda Crowson of the Lethbridge Historical Society for contributing to the above information.

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