Paul de Jonge - Broxburn Vegetables

Go for the strawberries, but stay for so much more.

Paul and his wife Hilda moved to their farm just outside of Lethbridge in 1994 to raise their family and start a U-Pick strawberry field. While that is still a primary part of their business, expansion began shortly thereafter and now includes greenhouses, a café, a store, and an impressive play structure for kids. A neighbouring garden center adds another element for visitors, potentially turning what could be a quick U-Pick session into a day-long event.

Paul is rightly proud of the quality of goods produced, growing crops biologically, and using natural predators instead of spraying pesticides. And he’s not stopping there, but also welcoming other quality local producers into the fold: “With COVID, we realized that there is more opportunity for retail, so we are transitioning a little bit more there. We’re also going to have some coolers here in the café selling meats from other producers that are local. Because people want to buy local foods and that’s who we are."