Allen Kuizenga: Diamond Sun Farms

It began with wheat, beans, and sugar beets. In 1961, Allen’s parents started farming their land near Burdett with these crops, and when Allen and his wife took it over in 1999, potatoes were introduced. Potatoes remain one of their primary crops, but they also harvest lentils, wheat, peas, canola, flax, beans, barley, and more.

“We take utmost care in producing our food to make it the safest we can. I would never feed anything to a consumer that I would not eat myself." Known widely as a valued contributor to his local community, Allen’s sincerity is truly unimpeachable. His family’s fresh, healthy, and quality produce stand as a strong testament to their devotion.

“Produce produced in southern Alberta is second-to-none. It’s world-class. The soil is so healthy, the growing conditions and environment are pretty much perfect to produce most of the commodities out there."