Michael Munton: Benchmark Angus & Ben’s Quality Meats

“When people are consuming a food product, they need to not ask where it comes from, but ask who it comes from because there should be people standing behind the product." There’s no question that Michael, and the family that came before him in this multi-generational business that spans nearly a century, stand firmly behind the all-natural beef they produce.

Their decades of hard work and dedication to high-quality product is evident and has been well-rewarded. Producing only AAA or Prime-quality meat via 500 cows on 11,000 acres, substantial research in genomics and technology has allowed Benchmark Angus to continually improve. Purchasing Ben’s Quality Meats in Picture Butte in 2016 meant they could begin harvesting their own beef, and with that acquisition, the results were immediate. Demand exploded, and the plant is currently undergoing an expansion to double capacity. “We’re producing a sustainable product and we’ve got a consumer demanding it because it is better. That’s what we really hang our hat on."