The Lethbridge Solar System Model

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Date: Monday, May 30, 2022

Did you know Lethbridge Astronomy Society has created our very own solar system model? Our solar system is huge, with astronomical distances from planet to planet. To allow for an easier understanding of these distances, the Lethbridge Astronomy Society has created a model that utilizes the City of Lethbridge as a scale. The creation of this model has allowed them to bring the solar system down to our every-day life, with each stop highlighting features of its respective planet. 


The dome that sits at the top of the clock tower of Lethbridge’s Post building, is depicted as the Sun. Every other planet model is sized to this “Sun”, right in the heart of Downtown. Within this Solar System Model, light would travel at about walking-speed. So, be sure to visit these “planets” next time you are taking a stroll downtown. 

Here are other points of reference within Downtown Lethbridge from this model: 

·       Mars- 502 1 St S (Galt museum)

·       Earth/Moon- Corner of 3rd St S and 4th Ave S, next to the main (downtown) Fire Station

·       Mercury- 810 5 Ave S (Lethbridge Public Library)

·       Sun- 704 4 Ave S (The Post)


For the full list of “planets” and more information visit:

* Image courtesy of The Lethbridge Astronomy Society 

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