Meet the New Ambassadors 3/3

Posted by: Downtown Lethbridge
Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2022

As the last segment to this blog series, we will introduce the final newest addition to the Downtown BRZ Ambassador team. Our previous posts have discussed the involvement of the new ambassadors in the community. This summer will feature plenty of outdoor events and our ambassadors will be involved in it all! These upcoming events include Downtown Farmer’s Markets, the opening of Festival Square, Foodie Fests and more. All our ambassadors are eager to meet all the new and fun people downtown!

Last but not least, we are introducing Jared!

Before working for the BRZ, Jared was working an internship through the youth employment program in Taber for the City of Taber’s IT department. He has learned a lot about professional work, and is now happy to use his learned skills in media posting and designing for the BRZ. As a musician, Jared plays guitar for his band and enjoys playing booked gigs with his band members. Jared is excited to have this job as an opportunity to gain experience in a professional setting while in the department of media involving photography, cinematography and graphic design. As a foodie himself, Jared loves all the different restaurants downtown and the variety of foods to try. Going forward, he is planning to go to Lethbridge College and take Digital Communications and Media where he hopes to improve his media skills even more. 

Welcome Jared!

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