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Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The brilliance of Lethbridge’s art community is on full display as Casa’s Gallery has presented 8 new exhibitions! The primary themes explored throughout these new exhibitions include “waste, the natural world, domesticity, and identity”. Visit the new galleries for an opportunity to appreciate a range of different mediums from a diverse set of artists. 


The following exhibition directory has been provided by Casa:


Main Gallery: SURFACE ALL THE WAY THROUGH - Arianna Richardson


Main Gallery: FINDING PLACE - Eileen Murray


Project Space: SLUGS ARE QUEER ICONS - Jax Stienstra


Student Showcase: NICHE - Louise Cameron


Passage Gallery: IN SITU - April Matisz


Focus Gallery: A JOURNEY THROUGH ABSTRACTION - Rae-ann Dalgleish


Concourse Gallery: FACETS - Ewes + Mies | Collective


Concourse Gallery: FIBRE CONNECTIVITY: A COLLECTION OF FLAGS - Lethbridge Handicraft Guild of Weavers


Main Floor Showcase: WCHS 30IB ART SHOW - Kaitlyn Belitz, Lily Derbich, Eveie Nedeljak, Ashley Hayhurst

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