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Posted by: Visit Lethbridge.com
Date: Monday, May 17, 2021

Thanks to prime growing conditions and hard-working farmers, Southern Alberta’s table is rich with exquisite ingredients. Canada’s Premier Food Corridor - a 55km stretch of land running along Highway 3 - encompasses nearly 4,500 farms and over 11,000 related businesses on 4.2 million acres.

From barley to beef, canola to corn, pork to potatoes, and so many other products - chances are, something you ate today was raised in southern Alberta. Some of the very best food in the world is produced here, and it is this food that brings us all together.  This Year, Join Us In Celebration!

From June to September, VisitLethbridge.com and Exhibition Park are offering four signature events to celebrate everything agriculture and food in southern Alberta.

Visit SouthernAlbertaTable.com for more information on events happening this summer!

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