Lethbridge Public Art Tour - Part 1

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Date: Friday, May 31, 2019

Lethbridge is home to a diverse and growing collection of public art, most of which is accessible by foot, either in the Downtown core or as you explore throughout the city.

Here’s Part 1 of our feature on Lethbridge Public Art, a collection of installations that you might encounter on your next visit to Lethbridge.

Aeolian Aviary (EEE OH LEE EN, AY VEE AREE) - Catherine Ross and Denton Frederickson (Main Image Above)

Located on the east side of the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG), this work combines the acoustic resonance of 16 wind and light-sensitive string instruments with the dynamic emergence of 67 bronze birds.


A Departure - IIan Sandler
Installed in October 2009 just a few steps from the Galt Museum, this installation is based on three types of driver train wheels that have crossed the Alberta CPR High Level Bridge over the past hundred years. When facing the bridge, you can peer through the spokes of the large wheel to see its older counterpart, as if looking back in time.


Offrande migratoire / Migratory Gift 
A creation of Québec based artist Marc Dulude, brought to Lethbridge as part of a public art exchange between Lethbridge and twin city, Saint-Laurent, Québec. The work is comprised of four bronze flying geese tethered to a large sandstone rock which they are dragging across the grass. The line drawn in the earth marks the trail of the stone and references the strength of the friendship that allows the two twin cities to surpass barriers as they continue to honor their 50-year twinning.


Signal - Douglas Senft
Installed in 2012 at the site of the new City of Lethbridge Fire Hall and Emergency Headquarters this installation evokes the image of smoke or flames rising from the ground. 


Three Kings - Jason Trotter
Adapted from archival portraiture photographs of Chief Red Crow (Kainai), Chief Sitting Behind An Eagle Tail Feather (Pikuni) and Chief Crowfoot (Siksika), this mural represents the tribes of the Blackfoot Confederacy and pays homage to these great native leaders and the aboriginal population of southern Alberta.

Sphere of Social Consensus and Influence - Carl Granzow
The object, a 65" steel sphere, is banded by plates of stainless steel which are engraved with the names of the original 16 member organizations of the Allied Arts Council. Over time and with ongoing exposure to the elements, the sculpture has darkened in color from its original state.

How Can I Miss You If You Never Go Away - Andy Davies
Installed at the southeast corner of Galt Gardens Park in September, 2007, this installation is made up of four independent poles, each with a special shape and meaning. This colorful, kinetic sculpture interacts with both wind and sun — bringing life to the area in the form of dynamic shadows on the surface of the street, sidewalk, and park.

One and One - John McEwen
Renders a series of images by pioneer photographer Eadweard Muybridge as sculptural objects. Based on a story about a man who moved into his barn each winter to sleep between his work horses, the work consists of sixteen small flame-cut steel horses and twin barn structures.

All photos were captured in 2019. © Lethbridge Lodging Association.

In effort to provide the most accurate information possible on each individual art installation, select information in this article was compiled and adapted from publications and articles from the City of Lethbridge, Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge, Downtown Lethbridge BRZ and where available, websites of the artists.  

For more information on Lethbridge Public Art, please visit the City of Lethbridge website.

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