Dates & Times:
MARCH 22ND 2018, THURSDAY, 8:30 AM



Discovery of the historic Titanic to come to life in Lethbridge!

Legendary Captain Dr. Robert Ballard, 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Catriona Le May Doan, and President of General Motors Canada to Discover Greatness at the 4th Annual Greatness in Leadership Event March 22.

Guests at the fourth annual Greatness in Leadership “Discovering Greatness” Management Development Day in Lethbridge will be inspired by Scientist Dr. Robert Ballard who is most known for his discovery of the famous wreckages of the Titanic, the Bismarck, and many other fascinating stories on the ocean floor. He will also have joined by 2-time Olympic Gold medalist, Catriona Le May Doan, who will be returning from the 2018 Olympic Winter Games as the lead Canadian team athlete mentor to bring the spirit of the games back to Lethbridge.  Other speakers include President Stephen K. Carlisle; Hall of Fame employee engagement specialist, Connie Podesta; and team culture specialist, Darci Lang.

The one-day management development day, hosted by Teamworks Training Institute, Select People Solutions, and ENMAX Centre, takes place on Thursday, March 22nd at the ENMAX Centre. This event has become the largest gathering of business, community and future leaders in southern Alberta and has consistently sold out since inception. Information on ticket purchases follows, below.

“This year’s keynote speakers are legendary and are known internationally for inspiring leadership spurred on by innovation, determination and teamwork. Each speaker knows the value of what it means to be a team and the importance of challenging oneself with new discoveries,” Teamwork Training Ltd.’s President & CEO Ryan Miller said.  “These speakers represent the spirit that builds communities and it is important that this year’s Greatness in Leadership celebrate that spirit, especially in this time of new development and growth that our city is currently experiencing.”

“This is our fourth year of bringing this leadership conference to Lethbridge and we are incredibly excited for the business community to be inspired by the theme of Discovering Greatness. I think today’s announcement is another extraordinary example of bringing world class knowledge to southern Alberta.  Dr. Ballard has pioneered the exploration of the ocean and is an expert in understanding the underwater world that makes up 70% of our planet.  I find it fascinating that more people have been to outer space than to the deepest parts of our oceans.”

In addition to Dr. Robert Ballard and Catriona Le May Doan, Miller said the roster includes motivational speakers that lead with vision and rise above adversity, and business speakers whose expertise promote innovation and discovery. These are themes that are specifically intended to resonate with a diverse cross section of the southern Alberta business community.

“Darci Lang, a motivational speaker and author of Focus on the 90%, is joining us to talk about affecting change, solutions, innovation and leadership. She challenges her audiences to look within themselves, reflect on the positives in our life and re-evaluate how our focus is able to affect both our work and personal lives,” Miller said.

As well, Miller said that Stephen Carlisle, President and Managing Director of General Motors of Canada is an experienced businessman with a wealth of knowledge to share having been in the automotive industry and risen through the ranks in the past three decades. “Steve’s career has been one full of technological advances and constant discovery,” noted Miller.

“Our line up would only be complete if we add in the energy and contagious sense of humour that Connie Podesta brings to the stage. As a Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and Human Relations Expert, Connie uses humour to tackle the tough issues that organizations often face. Not only will she help your organization understand its weaknesses, she will provide you with the tools on how to change these destructive behaviours.”

“We are proud to organize an event that includes over 800 business and community leaders as well as over 400 high school, college and university students who attend for free, providing them an opportunity to learn and network,” notes Miller.  The event has raised $26,000 towards student scholarships since inception.

Additional elements are planned. Details will be announced as they are confirmed, and closer to the event date.

Having this calibre of speakers in front of thousands of people in the audience at the ENMAX Centre is not unusual for General Manager Kim Gallucci to experience. The facility regularly hosts high profile sports and music talent, but Gallucci, who shares Miller’s enthusiasm for the event, said the Greatness in Leadership event allows the facility to shine at a whole new level.

“This year, Greatness in Leadership celebrates Lethbridge by bringing iconic leaders to our community along with difference makers throughout the province who share stories and to have them share how they inspire greatness is thrilling. Having them all share their experiences is momentous and will create a unique memory for southern Albertans of all ages – and we are going to make every element of that experience extraordinary for both the speakers and our guests.”


Tickets go on sale January 31th, 2018.  Tickets to the event are expected to sell out quickly. Floor seating is limited to 800 guests.

Sponsor and Half Tables will go on sale on January 31th beginning at 10 a.m. and can be purchased by calling Moya at 403-382-3776.

Individual and all-day stadium seat sales are available at the ENMAX Centre box office during regular business hours at 403-329-7328.

Additional information about the event is available at