Zazen Meditation

Zazen Meditation

July 18, 9:30AM or 6PM
Must be booked in advance

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A meditation technique from the Zen Buddhist tradition, often using breath as a focus. Zazen seeks insight into the nature of existence and allows the practitioner to pose the question "who am I?". In this meditation, posture is important, as is the suspension of judgement over thoughts, feelings, and emotions that arise during the practice.

Meditation Classes are available at either 9:30AM (please arrive at 9:15AM for registration) or 6PM (please arrive at 5:45PM for registration). Classes are $30 minutes in length and are $30 each, which includes admission to Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, bottled water on arrival, your meditation class with Aaron Roth, and a green tea following your class.

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

An unforgettable cultural experience.

On the corner of 9th Ave and Mayor Magrath Drive South in Lethbridge

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