History and Beer Tour

History and Beer Tour

May 30

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On May 30th, we will embark on our first-ever virtual History & Beer Tour!

How it works:

1. Purchase your 'ticket'!

2. Pick up your event box on May 30th from 9am to 2pm (Via curbside pick up at 309 6th Street S). In the box, you will find four unique beers, an appetizer, and History & Beer Tour swag!

3. Watch the free video and follow along with your event box! Listen and drink as our beer connoisseur takes you through the taste of each beer and learn about the history of downtown as our history buff takes you on a whimsical journey!

Join Belinda, our local history buff, Roy, our beer connoisseur, and George on a behind the scenes tour of downtown Lethbridge!

Who will you be visiting on this tour?

1. The Post building - Get a sneak peek to the coveted clock tower! A downtown skyline favourite and this is your chance to see inside while enjoying beer supplied by Andrew Hilton Wine and Spirits!

2. The Oliver building - This is your chance to see inside the newly renovated Oliver building! A historical Lethbridge landmark. Enjoy a cold beer supplied by the Telegraph Taphouse.

3. Telegraph Taphouse - Enjoy learning about the history of the Telegraph and the building it calls home. 

4. Good Times Comedy Club - Laugh a little with us as we go underground with Good Times! 

5. Tacos Made In Mexico - Enjoy an appetizer made by Tacos Made In Mexico as we learn all about the history of 3rd Ave! 

We hope you will join us on this behind the scenes tour! 

Questions? Find us on Facebook and send us a message!

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