Meeting and Conference Fund Application recognizes the value of meetings and conventions and the contributions they make to the economy of Lethbridge, including to meetings and convention facilities, accommodations properties, food and beverage establishments, retail sector, recreation and team building sectors, and tourist attractions. funding is available to attract meetings and conventions to Lethbridge that create NEW economic impact for Lethbridge and utilizes member and partner meeting and convention facilities as well as member accommodations to host the delegates.  Eligible organizations include Lethbridge-based non-profit organizations, and commercial, business and private organizations.  The meeting or convention must attract a significant number of delegates from outside the city to stay two or more nights. funding is made possible through the Lethbridge Destination Marketing Fund. Existing meetings and conventions may be eligible for funding if they can demonstrate expansion or enhancement. 

Background is the promotional brand developed by a group of accommodation providers in Lethbridge called the Lethbridge Destination Marketing Fee (DMF) Partners.   The Lethbridge DMF Partners voluntarily charge an additional 2% fee on their hotel rooms, which is then remitted to a marketing fund for the promotion of Lethbridge as a tourism destination.

A percentage of the Lethbridge DMF marketing fund is allocated each year for sponsorship of special events or projects as well as the attraction of meetings and conventions that will help the DMF Partners reach their goals of:

1.       Increasing positive awareness of Lethbridge as a tourism destination.

2.       Increasing overnight stays in Lethbridge at DMF Partner accommodations

How to Apply for Funding

Funding is limited so not all organizations that apply will receive funding.  Funds may be used for fees to develop proposal, incentives, other attraction tactics.  Retroactive expenses are not eligible nor are salaries or capital project costs.  Funding applications are accepted year-round, however, a minimum of 45 days is required for the application review.  Funds will be dispersed upon receipt of final report (template to be provided when application is successful) and final report must be receive within 90 days of the completion of the meeting/convention.  Projects requesting funding must:

· Complete in full application form available for download here.
Meetings and Conventions Attraction Funding Request Form

· If successful in attaining funding support, provide a full accounting for funds received, and complete in full the meeting/convention evaluation form.