About Us

Lethbridge Lodging Association
The Voice for the Accommodations Industry in Lethbridge

Our Vision:  We are prosperous because Lethbridge is the hub of unique tourism experiences in southern Alberta.

Our Mission:  We are the voice of the accommodations industry in Lethbridge.  We are a partnership of DMF collecting accommodation businesses that attract and increase visitors to Lethbridge through the promotion and development of partnerships, events and activities that raise awareness of Lethbridge, increases member prosperity and contributes to the social and economic fabric of our community.

Our Values are:

Partnership - We value collaboration, cooperation, and inclusiveness through partnerships.  We work supportively with our partners towards a common vision, and create greater outcomes through shared resources.

Resources - We value people as our greatest resource.  We also respect commitment to generating, sharing and managing our financial resources towards the achievement of our goals.

Community - We value a strong community.  Our members play an important role in the development and growth of our community, and we recognize our collective ability to create positive impacts for our community.

Growth - We value growth in our member businesses as an essential element of success and sustainability.  We ensure that our Vision, Mission and goals support our members' efforts in achieving growth.

Integrity - We value integrity in all our actions.  We are leaders in our community and our industry, and we respect this role by conducting our business honestly and fairly.

Awareness of Lethbridge - We value awareness of Lethbridge as a tourism destination.  We actively engage our partners and our community and utilize our resources to create positive awareness of Lethbridge as a four-season tourism destination. 

For the benefit of our membership, we:

  • Market Lethbridge as a Tourism Destination through VisitLethbridge.com with a view to increasing overnight stays
  • Create awareness within the community of members' contributions to the social and economic fabric of Lethbridge
  • Sponsor events, activities, initiatives, and projects that increase specific occupancy for membership
  • Advocate as the Voice of the Accommodations Industry in Lethbridge, ensuring views are heard at the local and provincial levels.
  • Build partnerships that create new and sustainable tourism opportunities in Lethbridge
  • Provide information on items specific to the Accommodations Industry in Lethbridge and provide regular updates on issues and trends affecting their business
  • Create opportunities to network, share and learn with colleagues

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