About Galt Museum & Archives

The Galt is well respected in Alberta's museum community, has a growing national profile and is committed to international museum standards.

The Archives contain an extensive collection of information on the human history of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta.

Today, the museum cares for well over 17,000 artifacts and 600,000 archival documents and photographs. These collections continue to grow.

The history of Lethbridge and southwest Alberta can be explored through the Galt's rotating world-class exhibitions, special events and school and weekend programs. The Galt Museum Store offers visitors a selection of historic publications and other unique local and retro gifts.

Volunteers donate their time and talents to enhance the work of twelve full-time and ten part-time staff.


The Galt Museum & Archives engages and educates our communities in the human history of southwestern Alberta by preserving and sharing collections, stories and memories that define our collective identity and guide our future.


The Galt Museum & Archives is a vibrant gathering place that meets historical, cultural and educational needs.



  • We treasure and protect the stories, objects, memories and relationships of our communities
  • We advocate for history, culture and historical education

Creativity and Innovation

  • We thrive on challenge, ingenuity and improvement
  • We believe in and foster life long learning

Integrity and Authenticity

  • We are open, honest and respectful
  • We ensure the authenticity of our collections, exhibits, education and programs

Teamwork and Co-operation

  • We encourage diversity of opinion
  • We find merit in collaboration and partnerships


  • We believe that with dedication, passion and commitment we strive for our best performance
  • We respect the skills and expertise of others and cherish diversity.

Spring Flowers

Wed MAR 21 | 10:30-noon

First Generation on the Prairies

Thu MAR 22 | 7-9 pm

Spring Flowers

Sat MAR 24 | 1-2 pm

String Egg

Wed MAR 28 | 10:30-noon


Sat MAR 31 | 10-2pm

Coulees and Culture

APR 02–06 | Easter Break | 8:30 am–4:30 pm


Wed APR 04 | 10:30-noon

Collections Tour

Thu APR 05 | 4-5 pm

Herb Gardens

Fri APR 06 | 1:30-3 pm

Painted Rocks

Sat APR 07 | 1-2 pm

Traditional Blackfoot Diet and Medicine

Wed APR 11 | 10:30-noon

Archival Journey

Thu APR 12 | 7-9 pm

Dunkirk: the Real Story

Sun APR 15 | 2-4 pm

Sports Cards & Memorabilia

Wed APR 18 | 2-3 pm

Earth Day

Sat APR 21 | 1-2 pm

Braided Rugs

Thu APR 26 | 7-9 pm

Taste of Downtown

MAY 08-09 | 5-8 pm