Dates & Times:
April 28 at 9 PM - 1 AM

The D. Rangers with Okay Mann & Postscript


The D. Rangers

From where else but the wonderful world of Winnipeg music could come an operation like the D. Rangers? Their brand of musical joy is a somehow simultaneously dangerous-as-hell and brilliantly inventive blend of bluegrass, western swing, punk rock, and just about anything else that ever put a bulge in a tough little rock and roll Prairie kid’s pants. Described as "mutant bluegrass,” "un-country, and "arm-swinging hillbilly-stomp,” their live shows are an engaging mix of originals, traditional classics, and off-the-wall covers. With a stage show featuring a "muckbucket” bass (made from a plastic tub, some old lumber and two rope strings), a musical saw, and a rambunctiousness that would set Bob Wills spinning in his grave, they’ve built an increasingly loyal and devoted fan base playing folk festivals, bluegrass festivals, bars, halls and clubs throughout much of Canada.

Okay Mann

5'11", 130 lbs, and eyes like his father. meet Katlin Mathison - otherwise known as Okay Mann. Katlin upholds the indie folk tradition of the rolling stone. 4 years of session work, relentless travel, and a mentorship with Paul McCartney, and a gold single in Norway have eventually led him back to the harsh winters of Manitoba, Canada. A year later, Katlin is ready to hit the road again. Armed with a new monicker and a suitcase of songs born of a Winnipeg winter, Mathison is heading back to the cobblestone streets of Liverpool, UK to record his debut release. Listen for honest music that worships the hook, but keeps thoughtful lyrics front and centre. Melodies that remind you of The Tallest Man on Earth and James Bay, but never quite in a way that you'd expect. His is the story of a nomad held down by heartbreak and circumstance. It's been a tough year, but he's Okay Mann.

post script

Considered “one of Edmonton’s hidden gem bands” (, Post Script is a relationship, a constant exchange. While most accurately described as an indie-folk trio, a small glimpse into the band shows a depth behind the music-makers. They are young, charming musicians, writing and performing songs like old souls for modern times.