Dates & Times:
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Japanese Canadian Memories Dinner Series


Cost $20.00 for Dinner -Please RSVP to Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden 

Diner from 6:30 to 7:30pm  

$5.00 for Discussion only 7:30pm to 9:00pm   

Cash Bar will be available. Dinner will take place in the prarie garden unless weather permits.   

Call (403) 328-3511 to book your dinner today.   

Dinner Series Descriptor

Food and amateur sport are two of the most important areas of activity and excellence in the post-Second World War experience of the Japanese Canadians in southern Alberta. From meagre beginnings, Japanese-Canadians forged an innovating presence in the region’s farming industry. At home, they cooked up their own cuisine, creatively adapting traditional recipes with ingredients locally-sourced. They helped to shape the diet and tastes of southern Albertans.  At the same time, their sporting leagues and prowess encouraged fitness and friendship. Evolving from all Japanese participation, their teams and tournaments visibly chart the breaking of southern Alberta’s colour barrier across the postwar era.

The Nikka Yuko Gardens – in co-operation with the Nikkei Memory Capture Project – invites you to explore this history – and future – of food and sport.  On Thursday 13 July, the ryōri (food) panel will bring together local individuals representing all stages of the food process from growing, to selling, to consuming and sharing. On Tuesday 18 July, the sports panel representing curling, golf, judo, and karate will remember how sports brought communities together.

Enjoy a meal featuring a special set menu.  Then, hear the panellists discuss their specialities.  There’ll be time to ask them questions and an opportunity to share your own memories and aspirations. With your permission, your recollections will be collected as part of the historical recording of the southern Albertan postwar decades.

Come to one evening or come to both, and be part of in what promises to be a fascinating evening of food, memories, stories, and fun.


Nikkei Memory Capture Project - Overall descriptor

The Nikkei Memory Capture Project is a two-year research programme of ‘talking’ history events which aim to tell the stories of Nikkei – people of Japanese descent – in southern Alberta. The focus of the Project is distinctive because it seeks to hear the little understood story of what happened after the Second World War by asking the very people whose memories narrate these stories. It employs an innovative range of interview and story-telling approaches to open Nikkei history.

2017 is a very special year of celebration that provides the Project with an invaluable research opportunity to collect data.  The Golden Anniversary of the Nikka Yūkō Japanese-Canadian Friendship Gardens not only celebrates the establishment of this venerable cultural heritage site, it illuminates a moment right at the centre of Nikkei, southern Albertan, Canadian, and trans-Pacific postwar history. Through the cultural and historical awareness that 2017 sparks, the Project explores the Nikkei inheritance and how this can shape aspirations for the future.

The Project is a trans-national collaboration bringing together leading historians and an upcoming generation of researchers from the University of Lethbridge (Centre for Oral History and Tradition) and Plymouth University (United Kingdom).  It includes partnerships with key local heritage and cultural organisations including the Nikka Yūkō Japanese-Canadian Friendship Gardens, Galt Museum, and Nikkei Cultural Society of Lethbridge and Area. 

Talk, listen, speak, and hear the sounds of Nikkei.