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First Friday at El Bees Hearing

First Friday event -

El Bees Hearing Services

First Friday at The Penny Coffee House

Friday, June 2nd -

Come in this First Friday for 10% off coffee beans and a FREE mug of coffee... - The Penny Coffee House

First Friday at Streatside Eatery

Friday, June 2nd -

Enter to win a $50 gift certificate this First Friday when you come into... - Streatside Eatery

First Friday at Umami Shop

Friday, June 2nd -

10% OFF your grocery purchase 

excluding dairy, meats, and eggs.

Discover... - Umami Shop

First Friday at Edible Elegance

Friday, June 2nd - Buy two cupcakes this First Friday and receive a third cupcake free! Also, be... - Edible Elegance

First Friday at Piggyback Poutinerie

Friday, June 2nd - 1/2 price Jones Soda with poutine purchase! - Piggyback Poutinerie

First Friday at Mocha Cabana

Friday, June 2nd - Anyone visiting Canadian Blood Services on First Friday can enter to win a $50... - Mocha Cabana

First Friday at Canadian Blood Services

Friday, June 2nd -

Anyone visiting Canadian Blood Services on First Friday can enter to win ... - Canadian Blood Services

First Friday at She Boutique

Friday, June 2nd - Spin the wheel to save up to 50% every First Friday of... - She Boutique

First Friday at Flair Travel Planners

Friday, June 2nd - Call Flair Travel this First Friday for your Dream Summer Vacation! - Flair Travel Planners

First Friday at Round Table Board Gamerie

Friday, June 2nd -

Round Table Board Gamerie

First Friday at the Holiday Inn Express

Friday, June 2nd - $50 meeting room bookings when booked on a First Friday. - Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites

First Friday at Josee's Handmade Imports

Friday, June 2nd -

Roll a dice when you make your purchases and see how much you'll save!

Josee's Handmade Imports

First Friday at Professional Optical

Friday, June 2nd -

Buy one frame and get the second frame (with red dot) for FREE!

Professional Optical

First Friday at Blueprint Entertainment

Friday, June 2nd -

Visit Blueprint this First Friday and save 50%... - Blueprint Entertainment

First Friday at Naturistas

Friday, June 2nd -

10% off everything in the store, numerous samples to taste and to be refreshed... - Naturistas

First Friday at Kapow Comics Cards & Games

Friday, June 2nd - Roll your discount today! 1-20% off your purchase is your destiny this First Friday!Kapow Ltd Comics, Cards and Games

First Friday at The Shoe Tree

Friday, June 2nd -

Enter a draw to win a $50 gift card this First Friday!

The Shoe Tree

First Friday at Suzanne's & Jenny's

Friday, June 2nd -

20% off regular priced and  an extra 20% off Sale Items

Suzanne's & Jenny's

First Friday at Drunken Sailor

Friday, June 2nd - 10% OFF all Regular Priced Items (excluding consignment).
- Drunken Sailor

First Friday at High Maintenance

Friday, June 2nd - $3 off on all Hair Gel
$4 off on all Haircuts
- High Maintenance Barber Shop

First Friday at Langenberg Optical

Friday, June 2nd - Enter to win a $50 Gift Certificate!    
... - Langenberg Optical

First Friday at Downtown Merle Norman

Friday, June 2nd - 15% off all services and / or product (not valid with any other promo offer)Downtown Merle Norman Cosmetics & Esthetics Spa

First Friday at The Vape Station

Friday, June 2nd - 10% off all Juice
- The Vape Station

First Friday at Ultraviolet Eyewear

Friday, June 2nd - 10% Off Eye wear and sunglass purchases. Not to be combined with any other offers.Ultraviolet Eyewear

First Friday at B.O.B. Headquarters

Friday, June 2nd -

10% off the entire store this First Friday. B.O.B. Headquarters

First Friday at Zakka-ya

Friday, June 2nd - Everything in the store that is not already on sale will be 10% OFF!!! - Zakka-ya Lethbridge

First Friday at Pink Swan Boutique

Friday, June 2nd - Come into Pink Swan on First Friday and receive 10% off clothing! - Pink Swan Boutique

First Friday at Silla Designs

Friday, June 2nd - 15% off regular priced merchandise - Silla Designs

First Friday at The Boarderline

Friday, June 2nd - First Friday at The Boarderline receive 15% off apparel! - The Boarderline

First Friday at Dreamscape Massage

Friday, June 2nd - Call on First Friday to receive $15.00 off of a 60 minute... - Dreamscape Massage

First Friday at O2 Training Centre

Friday, June 2nd - Get 1 week of unlimited classes and gym access for... - O2 Training Centre